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SCI Ecommerce (“SCI”) is the fastest growing & leading software-enabled digital commerce solution provider in Southeast Asia, providing end-to-end solutions to over 200 global and regional brands and merchants across Southeast Asia and China. With unique ASEAN-China two-way cross-border e-commerce capability, SCI’s geographical coverage spans all six Southeast Asia countries plus China, across all major digital commerce channels, including e-commerce, social e-commerce, online food commerce, DTC commerce, and financing solutions with SaaS technology.

SCI’s proprietary software-enabled solution helps its brand partners expand into the Southeast Asia digital commerce market and China Cross Border E-commerce (CBEC) market by setting up and managing over 6,000 online stores across both regions’ major digital commerce platforms and social media channels and applying data analytics to optimize brand partners’ top-of-mind metrics such as online traffic to gross merchandise value (GMV) conversion, brand awareness, consumer loyalty, and the customer service experience, creating a feedback loop that enables partners to refine their products and be more responsive to changes in consumer behaviours.  

Associated with Asia’s economic growth, cross-border trade has been a significantly enduring investment theme. We were excited by what we saw as the emerging leader in the digitalization of Asia’s expanding trade corridors, specifically through consumer-focused e-commerce, coupled with strong growth momentum and a high degree of optionality in the business.

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