GudangAda is a leading B2B fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) marketplace in Indonesia. Founded in late 2018, the platform helps to facilitate transactions amongst brand principals, wholesalers, and retailers to streamline the highly fragmented FMCG supply chain in Indonesia. To serve its broad network, the Company operates an asset-light third-party marketplace (3P) business model that has historically allowed the Company to scale at a capital-efficient pace, expanding its network to its current levels in less than three years.

We were impressed by the attractive asset-light nature of the business from employing a 3P model, which allowed the Company to reach scale quickly. Additionally, the large and growing Indonesia FMCG industry, the majority of which was dominated by a highly fragmented general trade market posed an opportunity. The Company managed to take an early leadership position in the industry, led by an experienced management team.

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