We are a growth equity firm focusing on investments in technology and technology-enabled companies that are transforming Southeast Asia's economy.


Help Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs Build a New Generation of Unicorns

Our first tool is capital, supplying vital growth equity to help proven business models scale regionally, and directly addressing our region's 'Series B/C Gap'.

Our second tool is operating skills, drawing upon our experience growing eight multi-billion dollar companies, including three in Southeast Asia.

We Build Superb Companies, which in Turn Generate Distinctive Liquidity:

Our co-founding partners led two of Emerging Asia’s most notable exits – the largest internet IPO from Southeast Asia (Sea), and the largest technology cash exit in Asia’s history (Flipkart)

While Group President of Sea, our co-founder Nicholas A. Nash led the largest ever Southeast Asian internet IPO, a $989 million offering on the New York Stock Exchange that has returned a 56 % IRR to public shareholders as of June 12, 2019.

While Chief Executive Officer of B2C E-Commerce at Naspers, our co-founder Oliver M. Rippel invested in Flipkart from end-to-end: initiating the investment, serving on its board, and then helping to navigate its sale to Walmart at a $21 billion valuation – and earning a $ 3.6x ROC and $1.6Bn net gain for Naspers.